Thursday, 11 August 2011

The Clever Disciple

     Once there was a priest lives with his three true disciples. He was very fond of one of the three disciples it made the others frustrating. So they decide to report about it and reported the priest. The priest thought for a little and called all the three disciples and said to them: “I have a better solution for your problem, from this you would realize your worth.” He had given them three hens and orders them to butcher beyond someone’s ken. The disciples were split with hen. After a while, the first disciples came to the priest with dead chicken. The priest asked him to wait until the others come. Followed by the first disciple, the second disciple also came with killed fowl. Besides these two disciples, the third disciple come with live hen. The priest asked the first disciple “Where do you kill the hen and how?” He replied “I went to the outskirts of our place, so there is no human-beings and I killed”. Then the priest asked same to the second disciple, he answered “I went to a place that is neither humans nor animals”. Later the priest turned to third priest “What did you do your hen?” He answered “Our father, God watches me wherever I go, so I didn’t kill the hen”. The other disciples were down their head because of shame.